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Vladmiro Trimarco of Italy sends us these bowhunting pictures of a nice stag taken with his traditional recurve bow and KME sharp Zwickey broadheads.

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Copyright © 2006-2010 KME Sharpeners, LLC All Rights Reserved. is dedicated to bringing you innovative sharpening systems that work! Every product we make is proudly Made in the USA and we promise you the best customer service we can possibly deliver. When you think of KME we want you to think sharp. Not just razor sharp, but better than razor sharp, KME sharp. We build sharpening devices to make sharpening easy for you.

The KME Knife Sharpening System is the crown jewel of our line. With its 360 degree rotating clamp it speeds up the process and makes it much easier than any other knife sharpener we've ever seen. Our revolutionary Spherical Bearing Rod Guide maintains absolute zero deviation from selected sharpening angle at all times, and provides an excellent range of silky smooth motion.

You choose any angle between 17 to 30 Degrees. The main frame is engraved with an angle scale in single degree increments so you can quickly adjust the angle for whatever sort of edge angle you're looking for. All you do is loosen thumb nut then raise or lower the bearing assembly to any sharpening angle you want.

We even put a solid Cherry Hardwood Pistol Grip on it complete with posi-grip finger grooves for your comfort and control. We really designed a winner here, and you can sharpen broadheads with it too! We believe that you can't find a better knife sharpening system anywhere.

Our KME Broadhead Sharpener makes sharpening two-blade broadheads easy. It's not just for two-bladed broadheads. Lots of compound shooters are shooting replacement blade broadheads and they think they're sharp right out of the package. Sometimes they're pretty good, but if you touch each blade up on our KME broadhead sharpener, then you'll know without a doubt that they are as sharp as they can be. If you're a bowhunter, whether you're shooting a compound, a longbow, or a recurve bow, you need your broadheads to be as sharp as possible. With our system you know. You can also re-sharpen your blades and bleeder blades! Think of all the money you'll save. No more running to the store to get extra blades. Now you can sharpen your own. The KME Broadhead Sharpener works great on 2-blade, double bevel broadheads, and on single bevel broadheads as well.

What about 3-blade broadheads? Man, do we have good news for you!
The new KME Aluminum Oxide Ceramic Stones sharpen three bladed broadheads like nothing we've ever tried. It is amazing. We're getting Wensel Woodsman broadheads so sharp that they're plowing hair off our arms two blades at a time! Anyone who has been frustrated with trying to get their 3 blade broadheads sharp needs to try these stones. It's so easy, tow blades at a time. There's just something in the way these stones remove the metal that leaves a scary sharp edge behind.

If it sounds like we're proud of our KME broadhead sharpener it's because we are. We're so proud of our products that they carry a lifetime guarantee. Now to be fair, we can't offer that guarantee on the diamond stones because in time diamond stones will lose their ability to cut. Everything else though is guaranteed. You have our word on that!